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Innovative Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

As change agents, Tangible Development works alongside your HR team in a capacity as your Chief Diversity Officer. Our team ensures success by creating a customized plan to meet your organization’s Diversity and inclusion needs. Translating our clients’ needs and business goals, we develop, design, and deliver a Diversity, Inclusion, Global Plan with customized training, milestones, and measurable outcomes.

Diverse teams achieve better results than homogenous teams. In order to create, maintain, and leverage a diverse workforce, business as usual is not effective enough. To help provide a strategic framework, an increasing number of organizations are turning to Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners to help lead the way.

Diversity makes a difference. The global diversity discussion includes women in leadership roles, integration of Millennials with Baby Boomers, cultural sensitivity, and acceptance, and supporting gender transition and identity. The role of Chief Diversity Officer has never been more important. In fact, 60% of the Fortune 500 has Chief Diversity Officers or equivalent.

Hiring Tangible Development as your organization’s Chief Diversity Officer will embed diversity and inclusion into your company culture, resulting in positive change to your bottom line.

Select Consultancy Projects:

  • Created culturally-sensitive reference guide for a large property management firm
  • Designed Diversity, Inclusion and Global Plan for the largest global non-profit in the USA
  • Developed and delivered diversity, inclusion and globally competent organization-wide training program for national public health nonprofit
  • Advised technology firm on global expansion and strategies for success in the Middle East
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