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Check Your Sources: Recruiting Diverse Talent

Check Your Sources: Recruiting Diverse Talent

Recruiting talent can be a challenge, especially with the limited labor pool. Recruiting diverse talent can be an even greater challenge. As human resource professionals work to align their companies’ workforces with their client bases, they’re sure to face challenges presented by the differing cultural values, attitudes, and behaviors that have a large impact on the interviewing and hiring process.

One of the most basic strategies to recruit diverse talent is often overlooked – check your recruiting sources. While HR professionals may find success on general job search website, such as Monster and Indeed, it is important to also find niche recruiting outlets that can open doors to new communities and present diverse talent with exciting opportunities. Connecting with local organizations, alliances, and associations, such as the LGBTQ affiliates, Cultural Community Centers, and/or organizations supporting workforce development of individuals with diverse physical or mental abilities, allow recruiters to connect with new talent in a strategic and effective fashion.

It is not wise, however, to simply approach these new communities with the sole intention of achieving diverse talent recruitment. Instead, offering solutions and insight into the mutual benefits of a partnership will likely be more effective.

Understanding the behaviors, attitudes, and values of the communities with which you’re trying to foster a relationship will ensure more successful efforts and beneficial relationships. HR professionals can develop an understanding of these cultural nuances through research and training. Organizations that prioritize diverse hiring in their strategic plans will likely find much success when working with a diversity consultant who can not only provide necessary education but also facilitate important introductions within local diverse communities.

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