2022 New Year Message | Beginning Our Next Normal

We’re almost two full years into a pandemic that has changed all of our lives. 2021 was a year of transition as we adapted to dynamic circumstances. We will expect this transition to continue as new waves continue to challenge yet improve the way we have done business. Our world is going through a transformation period and our normal is continuously being redefined. As our communities, workforce and organizations navigate these changes, Team Tangible will continue to push the envelope.

…our normal is continuously being redefined

Imagination Rising

#TeamTangible is reimagining a workplace that provides an inclusive culture for its members not only so that they can contribute at their maximum potential, but so they can be supported as a whole person. More now than ever, organizations are faced with engaging a remote workforce, reimagining workplaces and health by providing emotional, physical and psychological safe spaces to work (especially for the marginalized populations such as people with disabilities, working parents, BIPOC and economically compromised employees).

Tangible Development is committed to driving innovation in organizational change and cultural transformation through thought leadership and tangible, measurable strategies. Our developmental approach meets our clients where they are at in their diversity, equity, social justice, inclusion journey to lead them as far as their imagination can carry them.

Staff photo on table

A Year of Tangible Achievements

2021 was a defining moment for many. Like other small businesses, we were not sure if Tangible Development would survive the financial setback we were facing due to the pandemic. As the need for diversity equity and inclusion experts rise, we’ve been able to spend the past 12 months examining our approach to delivering our services, growing our team and designing a proprietary Climate Assessment Tool (CAT). No one can predict the future, but through hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity our team pivoted in creative ways.

As an outcomes based company managing both strong emotions and bottom lines, we are accountable to each other as well as our customers to deliver our consulting and training services with trust, transparency, and tangible deliverables. Our philosophy gives meaning to our daily work, drives a shared approach to our job, and brings energy to the company.

2021 Highlights

We closed our 2021 fiscal year, January 1 to December 31, with:

  • Return on Investment: A solid 300% return on investment
  • More Expertise: We tripled in size with a team of experts in organizational transformation, DEI communications, analytics, project management, and organizational processes
  • Wider Reach: Our team presence expanded in upstate NY, Ohio and Texas
  • More Services: Designed and launched a DEI Climate Assessment Tool (DEI CAT)
  • Diversified Clientele: Our client portfolio includes non-profit, corporate and public sector organizations across the US and Globally.
  • Intentional Giving: Gave almost 15% of our services to underserved communities and organizations

Over the past year, our team of experts tripled in size from 3 to 9!

The Outlook for 2022

As we begin the New Year, we are concentrating on:

  • Articulating and living our values through actions
  • Implementing a mix of new diversity equity and inclusion services and equitable strategies with tangible results
  • Growing Team Tangible by 30%
  • Doubling our revenue from 2021
  • Giving 20% of our services to underserved communities and organizations
  • Giving back 208 volunteer hours to community service

It will take time to reach our targets, but we will continue our aggressive efforts to improve organizational culture such that in a perfect world Tangible Development would no longer need to exist.

We thank our employees and their families, our partners, suppliers and customers for the trust they have put in us and the invaluable support they have given to Tangible Development.

Team Tangible wishes all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2022!