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DEI CAT©®™ Process

Co-designed and fielded in partnership with the Siena College Research Insitute, the DEI Climate Assessment Tool©®™ was developed to provide in-depth insights into employees’ experiences to help you understand your community by identity group, role, and much more.

Developed and facilitated in partnership with the Siena College Research Institute, a national leader in social, cultural, and political research, for data integrity and guaranteed confidentiality for assessment participants.

“The DEI CAT helped us affirm the issues we knew were true within our organization and community but struggled to identify ourselves. This knowledge has helped us better understand our overall populations, our organizational leaders, and where the disconnect was within our DEI initiatives and the organization.”

– Schenectady City School District

“The findings from the DEI CAT and Tangible’s assessment gave us the opportunity understand where we were at and how we could build. The recommendations were easy to understand, actionable, and very helpful in our DEI growth.”

– Non Profit

“The anonymity of the DEI CAT survey tool allowed people to be honest about their perceptions and how the experience the district. As a result, we understand how we engage with different groups.”

– Scotia-Glenville Central School District