Welcoming Culturally Diverse Renters

13.7% of United States residents are foreign-born, and this percentage is expected to reach over 14% by 2025. Property managers cannot ignore the variety of cultural differences this large segment of the US population brings to rental communities throughout the country. For example, some renters may leave shoes outside their doors, remove closet doors, or cook ethnic foods.

Some of these cultural differences can lead to a variety of concerns regarding safety and maintenance, which is why it is important to set a list of regulations for renters to agree to prior to moving in. This list of etiquette points will help renters adjust to the rental property. Additionally, reiterating availability of free, 24/7 maintenance will help ensure appliances are used and cared for properly.

Renters with a number of cultural backgrounds can make your community an exciting and a diverse place to live. Ensuring staff is aware of traditional differences between cultures helps make the transition for both renters and property managers easier.