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Turkey Country Profile

There are a number of minority languages spoken in Turkey, in addition to Turkish and Kurish. Review other important points about this country to better communicate with Turkish clients and colleagues.

South Korea Country Profile

Before conducting business in South Korea, it is important to understand that South Korean businesspeople dress more formally and conservatively than those in the United States. Learn more important information about South Korea using this country profile.

Pakistan Country Profile

This Pakistan Country Profile will help you better understand this predominantly Muslim area in the Middle East.

Japan Country Profile

Learn interesting details about Japan, a collection of 6,852 islands, using this quick reference guide.

India Country Profile

This quick guide details some of the important facts to know about the second most populous country in the world.

Ethnic Markets in the Capital Region

Finding ingredients for international dishes in a traditional grocery store can be difficult. Ethnic Markets offer specialty food items to ensure meals are made as authentically as possible.

Color Meaning by Culture

When designing materials for an international project or when gift giving, color selection is important. Colors mean different things in different parts of the world.

Albany Religious Institutions and Cultural Organizations

There are several religious institutions and cultural organizations in and around New York’s Capital Region to help newcomers adjust to their new community and connect with those of the same background.

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