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Country Specific Training

To avoid cultural collisions, it is critical for companies or individuals working or expanding in new territories to understand the culture in order to be successful.   This course offers clients cultural competency and communication skills training to enhance relationships and expand business interests in a particular country or region.  With an understanding of our client’s objectives, we craft and deliver a training program to fit your specific needs.

Length of Course – Customized to accommodate client’s needs

This Course is for organizations:

  • Considering doing business/expanding in a specific country
  • Facing challenges when conducting business in a specific country
  • Outsourcing to vendors in a specific country

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Country overview: geography, history, economy, religion, political climate
  • Understanding values, attitudes, and cultural norms in the country
  • Preparation for both social and business settings
  • Negotiation styles and relationship building
  • Training on gender-related norms
  • Understanding of hierarchical structures, seniority, and the effect they have on business
  • Time perception and work schedules
  • Proxemics and other interpersonal formalities
  • Learning strategies and solutions to deal with country specific challenges

Popular Courses:

  • Working Effectively in India
  • Working Effectively in UAE
  • Business and Life in China
  • Business in Japan
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