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Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Organizations that embrace workplace diversity and create an inclusive working environment have a distinct competitive advantage. Research shows that acceptance of diversity and creation of an inclusive space inspires innovation of thought, productivity, and profitability.

Length of Course – Customized to accommodate client’s needs

This course is for organizations:

  • With team members from various diverse groups
  • Inspiring leadership, management, and employees to embrace diversity

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding the layers of diversity
  • Leveraging the strength of varied backgrounds and workplace composition to their advantage (teamwork, productivity, innovative thought)
  • Increase profitability by attracting diverse customers, clients, applicants, and vendors
  • Communication: trust building and conflict resolution
  • Diverse approaches to conflict, innovation, and risk
  • Maximizing diverse thought and talent
  • Evaluation of learning and leadership styles
  • Preferences for rewards and recognition
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