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Industry Specific Training

Tangible Development collaborates with clients to develop an understanding of the cultural nuances that affect the needs of diverse consumers in order to expand business reach in international markets, provide service, and increase profits.

Length of Course – Customized to accommodate client’s needs

Our industry specific training courses are offered for industries including but not limited to:

  • Hospitality and Tourism – Organizations providing travel and leisure services are continuously competing to exceed expectations to maintain customer loyalty and increase profits. Hiring and retaining a culturally savvy workforce, adapting services to diverse clientele need, and developing innovative branding strategy require cultural dexterity and intelligence. 
  • Property Management – Effectively communicating with diverse renters can help avoid costly maintenance issues, save staff time, and simplify the leasing process. Training is targeted to the diverse communities and challenges specific to your properties.
  • Banking & Finance – For financial institutions and their leaders, relationship managers, technology teams, and front line staff interfacing with clients, it is imperative to equip your staff with enhanced cultural competency skills and knowledge. Not all cultures share our banking system and financial products. Whether working in virtual project teams, maximizing global client relationships, or interacting with high net worth multinational professionals, global intelligence in conjunction with an ability to understand and adapt to different cultural norms is essential.
  • Science & Technology – Working with diverse partners to increase efficiency is quickly becoming the norm for information technology and software companies. Our training offers understanding of work style preferences and best practices for negotiating and collaborating with global colleagues and diverse teams in order to retain a competitive advantage in globally uncertain economy.
  • Health Care – Managing a diverse workforce, leading a global research project or working with diverse patients, refined communication skills are an essential for healthcare employees working across generational or cultural borders. Diverse beliefs significantly influence how patients, employees, or vendors seek out and respond to medical care, behave in the workplace, or respond to clients. Tangible Development partners with public health organizations or healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to elevate global mindedness of their workforce and provide strategies and tools to effectively communicate with empathy.
  • Non-Profit – From reaching out to customers, employees, donors, vendors, volunteers and community leaders to providing valuable programs and services, every non-profit must prioritize effective communication in a global context. Effective diverse community engagement unlocks resources and brings additional perspectives and talents to the table to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to engage members and increase profits.
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