Managing Global Teams Training Course | Tangible Development

Managing Global Teams Training

This essential course provides participants an understanding of the myriad of diverse cultural influences that affect how in-house and virtual teams interact in a business environment and how deals can be won or lost, projects can fail or succeed, and productivity can increase or decrease. The course is designed to positively impact the work environment and foster diverse team inclusion and collaboration.

Length of Course – Customized to accommodate client’s needs

This course is for organizations:

  • With team members from various diverse groups and/or cultures
  • Collaborating with teams in other countries
  • Offshoring in a particular country

Course Highlights:

  • Teaming process and diverse team dynamics
  • How diverse groups approach work
  • Individual verses group orientation
  • Culture-specific power distribution
  • Cultural influences on goals, roles and relationships
  • Communication: trust building and conflict resolution
  • Diverse approaches to conflict, innovation and risk
  • Best strategies for facilitating feedback and participation
  • Maximizing diverse thought and talent
  • Evaluation of learning and leadership styles
  • Cultural preferences for rewards and recognition
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