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Multicultural Workforce

Globalization has given a new shape to the functioning of organizations. The cross-border movement has rapidly increased, causing a dramatic shift in our workforce. Without the proper tools and understanding, managing and motivating employees who represent different cultures can be rewarding yet challenging. Leadership must recognize and understand how cultural differences inspire organizational excellence. To inspire a multicultural workforce and to create inclusion, management must focus on common work traits while creating acceptance and understanding of differences.

Length of Course – Customized to accommodate client’s needs

This course is for organizations:

  • With multicultural workforce
  • Recruiting multicultural workforce
  • Dealing with clients or vendors with multicultural workforces

Course Highlights:

  • Global and national demographic shifts
  • Embracing multicultural values and beliefs to create acceptance
  • Maximizing potential
  • Understanding multicultural approach to decision making, leadership, rewards
  • Developing tools and strategies for successful cross-cultural communication
  • Understanding multicultural workforce expectations and providing positive reinforcement
  • Learn to avoid stereotypes, alleviate misunderstandings, and build trust
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