Identify Your Current Workplace Culture

Assessment is critical for future success.

We analyze the quantitative and qualitative data collected from one or more assessments so that we can accurately identify your organization’s current location on the DEI journey.

We offer the following assessments:

  • Leadership Readiness
  • Policy & Practice Review
  • DEI-Climate Assessment Tool
  • DEI Focus Groups & Inclusion Interviews
  • DEI Communications Audit

Stakeholder Perception Survey

While leadership is crucial to make any progress in DEI efforts, the rest of the organization is essential to making the change happen. The entire organization must buy-in and feel invested in the work being done. As part of the assessment process, Tangible Development will lead a series of brainstorming sessions with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that we are getting the best ideas and energy about the future of your company. The sessions will be interactive and elicit ideas and visions about your company from diverse voices across the organization. Engaging stakeholders in the assessment phase builds buy-in, encourages transparency, and ensures that the consultants are hearing from as many people connected to you organization as possible.

Diversity Audits

Through diversity audits we conduct an in-depth exploration of organizational diversity, including: organizational structure, employee demographic information, attrition rates, recruitment trends, policy review, inclusion conversations, and focus groups.

Climate Survey

Understanding an organization’s climate and workplace culture is crucial to impacting and improving effectiveness and productivity. Climate surveys will use a variety of questions to measure engagement and belonging.

Diversity Readiness Survey

Tangible Development’s proprietary Diversity Surveys enable our team to more accurately determine where along the DEI maturity cycle your organization lies. Customized questions will help our consultants identify workforce composition, determine leadership commitment to diversity, understand the strength of your current diversity and inclusion initiatives, and measure your success in communicating these initiatives throughout the organization. Depending on your company size and preference, the Diversity Readiness Survey may be completed by one specific department or level of the organization your whole team.

Additional Assessments

In addition to those above, we also offer the following assessments:

Cultural Orientations Approach

The Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI) assessment tool explores the individual preferences of each participant and provides insight into how individuals appreciate, explore, and value culture-based differences and similarities at work. The results of each person’s COI Assessment are compiled into a profile report that guides Tangible Development in identifying potential gap areas and developing a strategic plan and initiatives.

Intercultural Development Inventory

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is designed to assess an individual or an organization’s capability to adapt their behavior to cultural differences, otherwise known as “intercultural competence.” This assessment is especially important for organizations that conduct business in multiple countries.

Leadership Readiness Survey

Strong leadership is key to achieving a diverse and equitable organization. Tangible Development works directly with your organization’s leadership to assess and envision what organizational change looks like for you to prepare your organization to embark on your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. Tangible Development will distribute a brief customized Inclusion Questionnaire for your leadership. The targeted questions will be used as a baseline understanding of the leadership’s capacity and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

SWOT Analysis

We will use evaluation techniques to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with business unit leaders from various organizational layers.