Define Your Organization’s DEI Goals

Leadership Visioning Session

Strong leadership is key to achieving a diverse and equitable organization. Tangible Development works directly with your organization’s leadership to assess and envision what organizational change looks like for you to prepare your organization to embark on your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Step One

We distribute a brief customized Inclusion Questionnaire for your leadership. The targeted questions will be used as a baseline understanding of the leadership’s capacity and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Step Two

Our team will use the assessment results to facilitate organizational alignment, determine initial DEI goals, and identify gap areas that may exist.

Step Three

We then guide leadership through visioning and coaching sessions that include: interactive and instructor-led identification of the industry-specific issues impacting your organization, utilizing design-thinking to craft a DEI vision and mission tailored to your organization, identifying next steps leadership can take to make long-term change.