Develop the Skills to Create an Equitable Workplace

Inspiring Inclusive and Equitable Environments

We empower your workforce to be change agents. Our experts support your employees’ education and development with a practical approach designed for daily application to inspire real changes. As your partner, we drive accountability from the top while supporting employee-led efforts. Our training, coaching, and consulting equip executives, managers, and individual contributors with the skills to inspire inclusive and equitable environments where everyone feels like they belong.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership commitment is the most critical element of a successful DEI initiative.

Our work with executives, management, and human resources drives DEI vision and accountability throughout the organization to inspire a diverse, inclusive, and engaging workplace culture.


Educating your team is an integral part of sustaining diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We customize a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion related topics to deliver training sessions and workshops that are relevant and meaningful to your organization. These ideally happen after an organizational assessment to identify and prioritize learning gaps. Some of our training topics are: Managing Our Implicit Bias, Culturally-Responsive & Inclusive Leadership, Facilitating Dialogue in Race and Racism, Crafting DEI Communications

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DEI Committee Capacity Building

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committees are necessary for effective and long-term DEI organizational change. Tangible Development will provide your DEI committee with a DEI Inventory to gather information on the context of DEI work within the organization in preparation for the sessions.

Your DEI committee will work under the guidance of Tangible Development team members who will facilitate capacity building sessions that focus on understanding organization change strategy from theory to practice. DEI efforts will include creating a purpose statement for the long term sustainability of the DEI Committee.