DEI Training Sessions & Workshops

Our training topics include the select sessions listed below. All training sessions are designed to meet your unique needs and can further be customized to address your organization’s specific diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy and goals.

Culturally-Responsive & Inclusive Leadership

Fostering a growth mindset, the belief that abilities and talents can be learned, encourages leaders to guide their organizations with a people-centric focus. Treating employees as individuals, not “resources,” and executing the “head to heart strategy” inspires employee engagement, improves workplace climate, navigates conflict, and increases retention. By modeling vulnerability, empathy, and risk-taking, leaders create a psychologically safe workplace environment that encourages transparency, inclusion, and a sense of belonging.

Managing Our Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is the unconscious learned associations about individuals or groups shaped by your individual experiences. While unconscious information processing is a critical part of human functioning, the mental shortcuts you take and the bias that informs those shortcuts often introduce errors into your decision-making. To create a respectful and inclusive workplace, this training creates an awareness of your biases and presents tools and best practices to identify your biases in action and mitigate their effects.

Strategies to Diversity Your Workforce

Your ability to develop the talent of your organization is critical to employee engagement and business performance. This training focuses on how to work with your talent acquisition and talent management teams to develop strategies and tools to recruit, retain, and grow your employees through the following focus areas:

Policies & Procedures

To reduce the impact of biases and promote an equitable and inclusive workplace culture, we offer insight into editing current or establishing new policies, processes, and procedures.

Talent Pipeline

Targeted talent acquisition and retention strategies promote a diverse workforce. We offer research on barriers to employment and provide strategies to reach diverse populations that lead to diverse hires.

Performance Management

Tangible Development will offer examples on how to design and implement performance management methods and tools to manage your team’s performance, leading to decreased attrition and workforce sustainability.

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