Dr. Ashley Hazelwood

Dynamic Thought Leader. Accountability Partner. Accomplished Implementer.

DEI Strategist

Dr. Ashley Marie Hazelwood-Cameron, a dynamic thought-leader and project strategist, is highly proficient in the promotion, accountability, and implementation of equitable and inclusive practices and strategies that facilitate actionable change within multiple organizational ecosystems.

Dr. Ashley’s passion for and career in DEI began with her work in pre-college programs, where she served as a counselor for underrepresented Black and Brown students entering higher education. This work was the catalyst to Dr. Ashley earning her Masters in Education in College Student Affairs and Higher Education.

Having served as Assistant Director of the STEP program at Stevens Institute of Technology for five years, Dr. Hazelwood-Cameron pursued an advanced degree to deepen her knowledge, expertise, and support for the specific needs of Black students and received her Doctorate in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Sociology in May 2019. Dr. Hazelwood-Cameron’s research on Afrocentric methodologies in education, and the use of effective pedagogical approaches to engage and teach Black girls and women in K-12 and higher education settings, accelerated her development as an equity-driven researcher and strategist skilled in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and capacity-building.

Over her career, Dr. Ashley has worked to advance and address equity within prominent organizations such as Educational Testing Service (ETS), the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), the Council for State School Chief Officers (CCSSO), the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions, and the General Services Administration (GSA). Today, Dr. Ashley employs her skills as a college professor and trained facilitator to co-create anti-racist environments with clients and colleagues.

Dr. Ashley is wife to husband Michael and new mom to Giovanni and Abigail, their four month old twins! Dr. Ashley is also an avid thrift store shopper and traveler who plans to go to a tiny, quaint patisserie for a baguette in France for the twins’ first adventure! Already thinking ahead to their next trip, the family plans to visit several countries in Africa.