Samuel Kennedy

Supportive. Community Builder. Analytical. Explorer.

DEI Data Analyst

Sam was raised in Central New York by a healthcare administrator and a family therapist, both with very large and present Irish American, Italian American, and Polish American extended families. Through these family dynamics Sam grew to understand and appreciate the importance of having a tight network of unwavering and reciprocal support. As a result, Sam places great importance on developing one-on-one relationships both in his personal and professional life. With ears ready to listen, words ready to encourage, and jokes ready for any occasion, Sam is naturally skilled at building connections and thrives in collaborative environments.

While at Canisius College pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Spanish, Sam grew fascinated with the notion of enriching people’s lives through their work. This fascination inspired him to build an academic foundation in talent management. After receiving his master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Sam has worked to support diverse communities including math and science students in Chicago Public Schools, job seekers throughout Northern Florida and Southern Georgia, students and staff at the University of Florida, and now Tangible Development clients.

Sam’s expertise in data collection, analysis, and reporting adds value to teams and projects by enhancing the work with rich information based on actual experiences. For more than a decade, Sam has enjoyed pouring over spreadsheets, designing surveys, running statistical analyses, building reports across a variety of databases, and sharing findings with clients for data driven results. With each data point representing a person or perspective, Sam is passionate about evidence-based advocacy to maximize tangible outcomes for the people that organizations are designed to support. At Tangible Development, Sam shows his commitment to DEI work from behind-the-scenes where he translates the voices of BIPOC, marginalized individuals, and an organization’s workforce into statistics. He recognizes the challenges faced and lived experiences of individuals when analyzing data to inform strategies that lead to more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspaces.

Outside of the office, Sam enjoys exploring the outdoors, immersing himself in new cultures both near and far, and picking up new hobbies from playing pool to rock climbing.