Tiffani Filien

Self-Proclaimed Sociologist. Tinkerer. Mother. College Basketball Fanatic.

Executive Coordinator

Born in The Bronx, influenced by Burlington, Vermont, and enhanced with a hearty helping of upstate New York (adding momentary tropical pauses along the way), Tiffani is a Northeasterner through and through. Each stop along the journey has been formative for Tiffani, exhibiting the various shades and levels of the human experience and their interplay with her identity as an African-American woman.

After graduating from the New York City public schools system, Tiffani went on to earn her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Tiffani began her professional career as an administrative assistant at The McGraw-Hill Companies. From there, she went on to advance her skills at a world-wide public relations agency before relocating to Vermont to continue her career while building her family with her husband and young son. In Vermont, Tiffani cultivated a surplus of executive administration skills that positioned her, upon her return to the Capital Region of NY, to flourish as the Executive Assistant and eventual Marketing Coordinator at a local law firm for fifteen years. 

All told, more than 25 years of providing complex and nuanced executive-level support has made Tiffani an innovative administrative and operations leader who values curiosity and creativity, understands the value of building authentic relationships, and exhibits the utmost integrity and discretion.

A firm believer in the phrase “be the person you needed when you were growing up”, Tiffani has volunteered with New York Havoc, a grassroots girls AAU basketball club, is a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region, and dreams of establishing a collective of community schools.

The absolute joys of Tiffani’s life are her now college-aged son and daughter, Marcus and Lauren. When they’re not at home, the empty nester puts a tremendous number of miles on her car traveling between campuses visiting them and being the biggest (and sometimes most vocal) fan at their basketball games. Tiffani is elated to share in athletics with and because of children because, as we all know, college basketball is life.